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Meet the SIRL Members 

Stacey L. Williams, Ph.D.

Director, Social Issues and Relations Laboratory

"As Director, I welcome graduate and undergraduate students, as well as postdocs and faculty, to join our research group. Email me if you are interested:"

Paige Henry
Graduate Student
Experimental Psychology

I am a first year Experimental Psychology PhD student.  My research interests include LGBTQ+ populations, minority stress and stigma, and how relationships with community, family, friends, partners, and pets may impact the physical and mental health of the LGBTQ+ population.  After gaining my PhD, I plan to likely do a post-doc and continue on to become a professor.

Gracie Hampton
Undergraduate Student

I am a Junior studying clinical psychology. Additionally, I am minoring in changemaking through the honors college. Overall, I am interested in learning as much about psychology as possible and plan to study clinical psychology post-graduation and work as a professor. In my free time, I like to read and volunteer at the animal shelter.

Sarah Mohammed
Undergraduate Student

I am an undergraduate sophomore majoring in clinical psychology with a minor in Black American Studies. After graduation, I plan to apply to a doctoral program in clinical psychology in hopes of better serving the mental health of Black communities.

Joshua Green
Undergraduate Student

I am a senior studying clinical psychology. I intend to continue my education by pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology and then starting a career working with individuals in a clinical setting as well as continue to do research. My research interests include stigma, addiction, ASMR, and the coping mechanisms of those afflicted with physical (terminal illness, amputation, chronic illness, etc…) and/or mental (grief, PTSD, depressive disorders, psychotic disorders, etc…) health issues. 

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